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Bryan and College Station Criminal Defense Attorney

Drug Charges

If you have been charged with a drug misdemeanor or drug felony, you could face series penalties. We use our extensive drug charge knowledge to defend you and protect your rights.

Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)

Not only does a DWI affect your ability to legally drive, but it also increases insurance rates and decreases secure employment opportunities. David Hilburn Law uses our extensive knowledge of law to defend you and protect your rights.

Alcohol Offenses

Alcohol offenses such as Minor in Possession and Public Intoxication can have a serious impact on your future. David Hilburn Law uses our extensive knowledge of the law, as well as many years of experience dealing with the alcohol related charges to assist our clients.


Assaults can include injury to a child or elderly, as well as family violence. David Hilburn Law can provide solid legal counsel the assist you in making the right decision about your next step.

Expunctions / Non-Disclosures

Being arrested for or accused of a crime can cause serious problems in your life. Protect yourself from these consequences and the way you do this with a petition for expunction or non-disclosure with David Hilburn Law.

Jeremiah Nance

Great law firm, David Hilburn made sure that I was treated fair! Thank you!

Craig Greening

David is a smart and charismatic defense attorney who works hard to defend his clients. I recommend David to anyone in need of a good criminal defense attorney.

Cory Crenshaw

David and I tried many cases together. His clients should rest easy knowing he is a fierce litigator and he is very well respected in the courtroom. I highly recommend David Hilburn for all your legal needs

Dell Seiter

David provided great advice and a neutral environment for dispute resolution...

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